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Guoxian Chen: The history of fullest achievement of soft dream

Guoxian Chen: The history of fullest achievement of soft dream

Soft history confirms the footsteps of China's software industry forward; in the development of soft, pop-up progress of China's software industry the strongest voice.

Guoxian Chen said, first of all, the mechanism and system software provided him with a good environment to grow and come to the fore and conditions, so that they can unite a group of people to pursue their careers, the composition of the elite team. Technology, marketing, personnel management and so configured properly, create a software development in the brilliant chapter.

He said he grew more smooth, full of soft leadership "in giving assistance, with a" good tradition, a lot of soft-comer is the leadership of the previous generation grew up under cultivation.

- Guoxian Chen

The end of 2002, industry forecasts in 2003 will be the year of the reign of China's software industry, when I did not expect a sudden the "atypical pneumonia" can be expected in the reign of dismemberment out clean, left in 2003 in addition to flat, or dull.

But the story took a dramatic turn, when people thought that in 2003 China's software industry will be "flat," ending time, December 29, 2003, has always been known as "software team" and soft to the market point of a fire, a to a very busy fire. This morning, the soft-Announcement of the acquisition of shares in the parent company of soft Corporation, the company changed its name to China's software and service Co., Ltd. ("China Software"). This means that in the soft carrying hope of the nation once again points to the tip of the Chinese software industry's wave mouth; This means that once again played a combination of soft integration of boxing.

Fist of the article, is Dan Potian open, or did not move? This is not the subject of our discussion today, and when we look in soft focus to the historical process of development over ten years, can feel a kind of art has always run through the software development, it is the "integration of art." With the development of soft bits and pieces, Guo Xianchen experience and participate in the, in the bitter with the sweet and always carry the soft take-off dream.

Integration of four changes

From its founding in 1990, China experienced four major periods of soft business integration, mechanism innovation and institutional reform, this one full of opportunities, it also reserves the sinister, challenge, but we see Meici fierce soft could all use is good, so is caused by the reform development and performance. Why? Among these, the best "integrated art" is the key.

This is the first change can be traced back to 1990, "Chinese computer technology services company" and "China Software Technology Corporation," the throne to merge to form the "China Software and Services Computer Technology Corporation." We all know that computer technology services company main business is engaged in computer sales (partial hardware), and software technology companies are engaged in software development and services (partial software), then combined in the head in the end is rigid and soft or soft? This market positioning problem has troubled people in the entire 4 years of soft, until early 1994 before deciding to give up soft Corporation, a computer sales and better profit foundation specializing in software, thin but promising. Four years, is the integration of four years, integration of four years, full of stories of four years, a person is wide soft memory one thing: the merger, the two units for the harmonious feeling a tug of war competition, hardware side and software side because the concept of sub-and a fight, it made clear from the other side of the difficult integration of the business. It is in this for four years in the business integration process, Guoxian Chen started his path in the soft, starting from the grass-roots technology has begun to dry, when 1994 is the integration of network system software Limited (soft Shares formerly) General Manager, became fully integrated company over the work.

Since 1994, the soft-start their second change of the Road - two companies joint-stock reform. After four years of development, the soft one conclusion: the development of joint-stock company the only way out. Thus, in 1994, the market economic system has just proposed, the soft start of the two joint-stock company, and great efforts, the speed, scope and even newcomer shame: Corporation holds a 30% stake , while the other 70% of the total up to the individual; few years, dozens of companies to set up. During this period, the management and Guoxian Chen soft face tremendous pressure. On soft terms, the industry had to face on the loss of state assets, competition and other affiliated enterprises and criticism; and Guoxian Chen is also under various pressures, in the face in the crowd to look for a small number of supporters. Difficulty of imagined, but advance by virtue of courage and guts and soft good came up.

If two joint-stock company is forced by market pressures and soft as if it restructured in 1999 two companies, and even then success is listed Tang Min, Guo Xianchen and other leaders in the soft collective wisdom. 1999 Chinese New Year has just passed, the soft top on the sensitive detection to "scale", "Competitiveness" will be the focus of the next business competition. Joint-stock reform in previous years although the company solved the problem of survival but gradually hinder the development corporation, as with conversion from the head office of subsidiaries less the control of the internal competition among enterprises with industry, part of the annual losses of such enterprises question the long run it will be difficult to continue a good soft develop. "Restructuring, listing", then, the soft radical reforms carried out, would subordinate quality two companies by business re-integration, restructuring, forming a soft stock and two fists in the soft Far Eastern companies, and in 2002 achieved Shares in the soft market and the 2003 Shanghai International Hong Kong GEM soft.

This is to the fourth change in the soft, through its two subsidiaries in the soft subordinate shares acquired in the reverse way to achieve soft Corporation, the overall listing of China's Software Group.

In all of these changes, the soft are leading a trend: from 1990 to 1994, the domestic software industry very hour, to give up lucrative business specializing in hardware, software and guide the trend of China's software; in 1994 to 1999 two joint-stock enterprise in China blew up a "joint-stock reform of the wind"; 1999 to 2002 and has successfully integrated its two subsidiaries allowed to bring a software company listed on the wave of capital operation; that in 2003 the innovative Reverse mode of acquisition of subsidiaries by the parent group to achieve an overall listing of how the tide will bring it?

When the mid-2003, 12 shares of the announcement of soft, when the industry is talking about, if the use of soft power in 2004 to prove their correctness of this step, the Chinese market will see a huge state-owned enterprises, listed as a whole trend, because in the soft state-owned enterprises to provide a comprehensive reform model, this model completely different from the acquisition of TCL Corporation, a subsidiary of the Group's overall listing of the program, provides an additional alternative state enterprise reform program, as long as the trend of successful restructuring will lead to an !

5000000000 theory

"In 2004, China's software industry will be a year of large-scale mergers and acquisitions, while the soft will buy 3 to 5 large software companies," appears in the Guoxian Chen, acquisition, merger drums have been sounded, a new round of China's software industry large-scale mergers, acquisitions will be staged, this is an irresistible trend of the market economy process of natural selection, is to realize value within a few years the inevitable result of over 50 billion.

As we all know, 47 years to document the emergence of several output value of 50 yuan or so software companies goals. However, Guo Xianchen view, the current value of the largest software company will only be over one billion, if the normal mode of development, 10 years later is also possible to achieve Chan Zhi Nan Yi 5 billion goal, because Dangqian domestic software enterprises is not a single business Tai, Jiu Shi business too broad, lack of core competitiveness; while the domestic market is great, but still not enough to support the needs of domestic enterprises by leaps and bounds. In contrast in 2004 the domestic market, applications, security products, information technology is bound to greatly increased demand, Linux will also be more attention to outsourcing in Japan and South Korea's markets become more stable foundation for growth in Europe and the United States market, Shang focus will shift Gengweichongyao the IT, software companies will be more intense between the acquisition.

Therefore, Guoxian Chen believes that in the next few years to reach 5 billion yuan output value of the target, the domestic software companies (of course including soft) must be "both the three" peer: autonomy both software products and solutions, both domestic and international markets, its both development and mergers and acquisitions.

In Guoxian Chen's New Year Message in 2004, made about 2008 will become a soft scale of 5.0 billion, with international competitiveness of the software leading enterprises, 50 enterprises into the world long-term goals, the 2008 is After adjustment, the first few years by 5.0 billion production value in the timetable for implementation should be 2005.

"From the impetuous to the rational necessity of any industrial development model, currently China's software industry has to reason from the impulsive phase of development, although this one will surely bring new enterprises to enter new impetuous, but exaggerated a few years to achieve industry first, output over billions of years is gone, "It is soft under the guidance of a pragmatic view put forward in 2008 reached only 5.0 billion value-added development objectives and the corresponding economies of scale strategy, rapid expansion strategy, Independent product innovation strategy, international strategy, major project strategies, new economic growth strategy and human resources strategy.


When people are still discussing, "Haier model" and "TCL mode" or even "UF model" which is more suitable when the internationalization of domestic software enterprises, Guoxian Chen has been clear that the internationalization of domestic software enterprises have more legs to walk, acquisition, merger, proprietary products, outsourcing and other routes are indispensable, "comprehensive, is the best, it is most appropriate."

What kind of software company leaders can truly be called "software industry leader," Guo Xianchen and make the best of the soft interpretation: rather than trend-chasing trends, can be called a true leader. CS has been doing in accordance with this concept in, determined to do from the software, to the Division to change stock, to employees, key holding, to enter the capital market restructuring and listing, to the direction of the 2003 acquisition of a subsidiary listed parent company to achieve the overall group innovative state-owned enterprise reform model, the overall enterprise market mode, the software has been leading the development trend of China's software industry.

Leisure, Guo Xianchen like mountain climbing, because he likes that kind of "take the high ground" feeling, Guoxian Chen's will in 2004 left what is it? 1 fullest space, and the results may be successful, perhaps the frustration, the key to see him and the team superb integration of arts or not, but a strong will, keen powers of observation, the rich wisdom will be his strong guarantee of success.

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Comparison of CMM and CMMI

Comparison of the CMM and CMMI

CMMI's full name: Capability Maturity Model Integration, the Capability Maturity Model Integration. Since 1994, SEI CMM software has been officially released, have they developed a systems engineering, software procurement, human resources management and integrated product and process development of multiple capability maturity model. Although these models have been in many organizations, a good application, but some large software companies, it may arise which require the concurrent use of various process models to improve his own capacities. Then they will find some problems, mainly problems reflected in:

鈻?can not focus on process improvement of their different capacities to achieve greater results;

鈻?To some duplication of training, assessment and improvement activities, thus increasing the number of cost;

鈻?different models for the same thing quite different, or activities inconsistent, even contradictory.

So, I hope the demand for integration of different models produced CMM. In 1997, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) developed the FAA-iCMMSM (Federal Aviation Administration's Integrated CMM), the model incorporates applied system engineering SE-CMM, software for the SA-CMM and SW-Software All three models of CMM principles, concepts and practices. The model is considered the first integrated model.

CMMI and CMM biggest difference is:

鈻?CMMISM-SE/SW/IPPD/SS 1.1 version has four integrated components, namely: systems engineering (SE) and Software Engineering (SW) is the basic subjects, some organizations can also be used for integrated product and process development (IPPD ) content, if related to the outsourcing supplier management can be applied accordingly SS (Supplier Sourcing) part.

鈻?CMMI has two representations, one is all very familiar, and the same software CMM-stage performance, and the other is the method of continuous performance. The performance difference between these two methods are:-stage performance approach is still in the CMMI process area into a number of 5 maturity levels of organizations to help implement CMMI recommendations to achieve a relatively easy process improvement path. The method of continuous performance through the course of the CMMI in the region is divided into four categories: process management, project management, engineering and support. For each category in the process of the region, is further divided into basic and advanced. In this way, 鍦?expressed as approach to the implementation of continuous service when the CMMI, project management can be an organization or other certain of practice had to do the best, Er Qitafangmian of Guocheng region can Wanquan not Kaolv.

鈻?Software CMM 2 绾?total of six key process areas in CMMI increase of 1: Measurement and analysis. The original six key process areas of CMMI in the name and content in the paper improved, but there is no significant adjustment of the main content. Software CMM 4 绾?total of two key process areas in CMMI is still the two, only the name and content improvements. Software CMM 5 绾?Total 3 KPA, carried out in the CMMI merged into two, but mainly unchanged. The most significant change in the CMMI 3-Class, the original seven KPA into a 14, which originally requested the project activities in software product engineering KPA-a detailed split, combined with common software life cycle model were mapped. CMMI process in new regions also involved in the past did not mention the content, such as decision analysis and solutions, such as integrated team.

CMM or CMMI in the end the choice is mainly based on the following aspects to consider:

鈻?implementation of the company's business characteristics: If the size of the business is not large, the business concentrated mainly in software development, it is more applicable to the software CMM. If the relatively large size of the business (more than 100 developers) and business not only focus on software development, hardware development including even the hardware agent (procurement) can consider implementing CMMI.

鈻?implementation of business process improvement familiarity: if companies had already implemented ISO 9000, and achieved good results, you can consider implementing CMMI. If the business while not imposing a CMM, but for the process improvement has been more concerned, who are related to training, and even some spontaneous process improvement, then you can consider implementing CMMI. If no contact in the past similar work, the best start with the software CMM 2 grade levels, first of all establish a continuous process improvement ideas. In addition, the requirements of the software CMM to be slightly lower than CMMI. The difficulty of implementation can be reduced.

鈻?implementation of business process improvement project budget: In any case, is almost certain that the cost of implementing CMMI certainly higher than some of the implementation of CMM. The look on the model itself, CMMI Level 2 process area 7 is not in its content than the software CMM level 2 key process areas more than 6 months how much. In this case, we fully can "do more with less work," that can be used CMM implementation and assessment methods, but when in reference to CMMI process improvement requirements, so that the economic lot.

鈻?implementation of the enterprise can use the-stage evolution line: if companies just want to improve their unilateral in project management, engineering activities in support of activities or process management in some aspects of the four aspects of the capacity it can only be used on CMMI continuous representation. If the implementation of the company can accept the idea of maturity levels (currently the majority of companies still see more accustomed to domestic maturity level), then it does not necessarily have to choose a CMMI.

鈻?implementation of the CMM and CMMI can be a smooth transition.

Firstly, CMMI does not require a company to do first CMMI level 2 and then back to a higher maturity level of evolution, when the assessment is also required to do so.

In addition, CMMI assessment will be assessed according to the maturity level, check all the process is not higher than the regional level. In other words, a company official in the CMM level 2 assessment reached maturity in the future to carry out process improvement based on CMMI. CMMI 3 level in the formal assessment, CMMI 2 level content also has to be checked. If we can do CMM 2 level when implemented in accordance with the requirements of CMMI, the effect there is no discount, but implementation of the enterprise, will save a lot of training and assessment in the "extra" costs. (Where the "extra" cost of CMMI is part of higher fees than the CMM)



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How to short-term consultants into your team

When the company hired a consultant, regardless of whether the consultant is to temporary increases in short-term projects or because he is a technical expert, the company would expect to see the consultant can bring significant benefits. However, the increase of a consultant does not mean there is a guarantee for the success of the project. When you want the "temporary" consultants rapid integration into the team in time to how to do it? Here are five suggestions on this issue:

A clear definition of his role

If you are leading the development and design personnel, and accustomed to their own description of the project plan, then you should learn to share with your advisor to complete this work. Even if your leadership has not changed, you should explain this to your team of consultants responsible for what matters. You should consider the following these:

Who will be responsible for overall system design?
You want your consultant to take the responsibility, or just hope that the consultants for the design of your code?
Who prepared the test script?
Who will control the change management? This includes not only the specified encoding programming tasks; this should be to achieve clear terms of reference, requires that all people are aware of their role in the host.
Do not overlook these details above, even if you work in the past have used these consultants, we must re-evaluate these issues above. If you ignore those questions above, then the work in the future will produce a variety of problems to beset you.

Before the consultant started work to the fullest extent possible to conduct analytical work
You hire a consultant may have expertise in programming, but they may not be very clear in your application software and the specific situation of business operation. For this reason, effective the business logic should be taught to these short-term consultant to become a very important task, unless your company is willing to pay extra for these advisers to enable them to conduct a compensation study. The situation even worse, that they may be waiting for you to accomplish these tasks, the consultants at this time may not start working. I've worked for the computer "millennium problems" consultant, when our customers plan to complete the project decisions and assign tasks, I can only at this period of time doing nothing very much surprise. For the consultants, in this period of time can receive compensation, but not for the company's financial good thing.

Must complete this step as soon as possible, not only for the development of a useful whole, but also will improve the accuracy of project evaluation. When you have a business logic file, you will give companies and consultants are able to stay away from simplistic, caused trouble. For example, if your initial demand is to "make a sales commission report," then, the consultant may give you just hand over a report described the general situation. On the other hand, if you ask with more details of the content, for example, "relying on sales experience and commissions derived from the dynamic regional price differential to make sales commission report," then, the consultant provided to you the report will contain more details of the content, but also more accurate.

To believe your own findings
Even if you have a consultant to the development time estimate includes the proposal, your team still should own estimates to complete a report, and find the differences between the two. A number of factors can lead to unrealistic estimates of the low: the consultant may use the most optimistic assessment to determine the shortest completion time to please your company or the consultant will also underestimate the complexity of the business process.

As in the above steps, like that, you can file through the complete business logic to control the demand and the second factor. You seize the only opportunity for the most optimistic estimate is that complete your own assessment and put the team together to discuss results and to distinguish between two kinds of estimates of the differences. Even in the project development process to assess needs and make adjustments, people still tend to remember the first evaluation results, and use it to specify the final date.

Help advisers put the proposal into reality
In larger projects, consultants will often make a formal proposal through their summary. These documents include high-level project plan, implementation method, and various relevant standards. Once management decided to use it, must be retained in the project cycle and can be readily available in this document to rectify it. In your team that everyone should take it as an actual project plan file and can help you complete the company's business.

When all the people understand the ultimate purpose and plan, you will face is to avoid various errors on the negative impact on your project. If the proposal included the practical experience of project management, programming standards, Huozhe test 鏂规硶, the critical thing is to let the scheme's effectiveness, and to pay your company to make some return.

Documents throughout the project
Use of consultants, project or plan which always tends to the higher direction, and the specific process of these projects and budgets will be carefully checked often. In the course of project development to retain a accounts is a very sensible approach. This will only take you a matter of minutes, you work at the end of the day when you can use a few minutes to complete it. To record the work done, obstacles, solutions, changes, and other team issues.

If everyone on your team have made the role of orientation, and has identified specific needs, and also completed an accurate assessment. So the next step on a file to your success as a reference, but also can refer to future work as an example. These were reviewed in the future when you will be a considerable asset. From another point of view, if your team is not so lucky, and every face Murphy''s Law, then the document will become the future wealth of experience, of course, also allows you to CYA. (If you do not know what is CYA, a project management teacher once told me now to explain the version of the CYA: Cover Your Anatomical part.)

I hope my article can be a smooth completion of your project help. This five-point proposal is based on two common themes: first, the efforts are successful of extra guarantee, make full of the preparations for the project work can prevent unexpected problems to ensure the project's Shunliwancheng. Second, the successful use of consultants is like a two-way street; proper guidance to enable them to help you successfully complete the work.


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Evolution of a mature framework and guidelines - CMM Architecture

Ability of an enterprise software similar to a person in a specific area of capacity, is gradually and growth. If a person in their process of development of the field can get a good guide, he or she will be a month to consistently meet the objectives set, and mature, or may be blind development from their own goals more and more distant, even diametrically opposed. Ability of an enterprise software development also need a good guide, SW-CMM is a guide it to a few decades the concept of product quality and software industry experience and lessons learned, based on ability to continue to mature enterprise software provides effective steps and framework.

First, the framework

SW-CMM for software process capability of enterprises to provide an evolutionary framework of the ladder, step a total of five. The first level is actually a starting point for any CMM system prepared by the natural evolution of enterprises is the starting point, and through the starting point forward to the second level. In addition to the first level, each level is set a goal, if achieved the goal of this group, then that reached the maturity level, you can move down a level. CMM system not in favor of the evolution of cross-level, because starting from the second level, each achieving a low level are the basis for achieving a high level.

1. The initial level

The initial level of software process is undefined random process, project implementation is arbitrary even chaotic. Perhaps, some companies develop a number of software engineering specifications, but not covered by these basic norms of the key process requirements, and Zhixing no policy, resources Fangmian of assurance, then it is still regarded as the initial Ji.

2. Repeatable level

Based on years of experience and lessons learned, it summarizes the most important issue in software development is not a technical problem but a management problem. Therefore, the second-level focus on the software management process. A management process is a repeatable process, a repeatable process is to gradually evolve and mature. The second-level management process including requirements management, project management, quality management, configuration management, and five sub-contract management. Including project management into the planning process and the process of tracking and monitoring the two processes. By implementing these processes can be seen from a management point of view of a planned phase of implementation and control of the software development process.

3. The definition of class

In the second class only defines the basic process management, but does not define the steps in the implementation of standards. In the third level requires the development of enterprise-wide engineering standards, and whether management or engineering development requires a set of documented standards and will integrate these standards into the enterprise software development standards to the process. All development projects must be in accordance to this standard process, tailored to fit with the project process and the implementation of these processes. Tailoring process is not random, in the company prior to use and subject to the approval of the staff.

4. Management level

Fourth-class management is quantitative management. All the processes required to establish the appropriate means of measurement, the quality of all products (including work products, and presented to the user's products) need to have clear metrics. These metrics should be detailed, and can be used to understand and control the software process and products. Quantitative control of software development will truly become a kind of industrial production.

5. Optimization level

Fifth grade goal is to achieve a state of continuous improvement. The so-called continuous improvement is the process of implementation according to feedback information to improve the next step in the implementation process, which includes optimization steps. If a company has reached this level, so that enterprises can according to the actual nature of the project, technical and other factors, continue to adjust the software production process in order to achieve the best.

Second, the structure

In addition to first-class addition, SW-CMM is based on exactly the same at every level of the structure of composition. Each level contains a number of objectives to achieve this level key process areas (KPA), each KPA further includes a number of key implementation activities (KP), regardless of which KPA, their uniform implementation of activities organized by the five public properties, that each KPA contains five types of KP.

1. Goal

Each KPA is to determine a set of goals. If this set of objectives can be achieved in each project, then how businesses meet the requirements of the KPA. If a level to meet all the KPA requirements, that required to achieve this level of ability.

2. Implementation of the guarantee

Ensure the implementation of the enterprise in order to establish and implement the corresponding KPA activities that must be taken, these activities mainly include the development of enterprise-wide policy and senior management responsibilities.

3. Implementation capacity

KPA implementation capacity is a prerequisite for enterprises. Enterprises must take measures to meet these conditions, there will be implementation of the KPA's implementation activities. Generally include resources to ensure implementation capacity, training and so on.

4. The implementation of activities

Implementation of the requirements described in the implementation of the KPA and the steps necessary role. In five public properties, the implementation of the activities is the only property associated with the project implementation, and the remaining four properties are involved in enterprise infrastructure establishment CMM capabilities. Implementation of the activities typically include planning, implementation tasks, tracking task execution.

5. Measurement Analysis

Measurement and analysis describes the process of measurement and measurement requirements. Typical metrics and measurement and analysis of the requirements is to determine the status of implementation of activities and implementation of program effectiveness.

6. Implementation of the verification

Implementation of the verification is to verify whether the implementation of activities consistent with the established procedure. Implementation of the certification involves the assessment and audit management and quality assurance activities.

In the implementation of the CMM, the process of enterprise software can be a problem according to different levels to determine the order of realization of KPA, and then the order determined by the gradual establishment of the implementation of the corresponding process. In the implementation of a KPA, the target group can be applied to its gradual way to meet. Process of gradual evolution and maturity is a CMM system's purpose.

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The Open Group President of Beijing University speech

May 19 evening, should the Senate Office of the Beijing University CIO classes invitation, The Open Group Chairman, Mr. Allen Brown came to Peking University, Department of Information Management, Information Management Department of Peking University and Peking University students CIO Course participants had a theme as "The Open Group and TOGAF" speech. Speech before the Information Management Department of Peking University to Professor Ren Zhouqing deputy representative of Department of Information Management, Peking University, gave a banquet and the Open Group, Mr. Allen Brown, Director of Member Services, Mr Chris Parnell.

In his speech, Mr. Allen Brown introduces the Open Group's development history and current situation, and outlined the development of Open Group TOGAF methodology. After the lecture, Allen Brown North CIO trainees answered various questions raised, and with the Information Management Department of Peking University to Professor Ren Zhouqing vice chairman and CIO of Peking University academic classes such as Mr. Yao Yue Director of the Office of the University with the introduction of EA (Enterprise Architecture ) course. Participate in this lecture were inherited Kingdee Mr. Feng, general manager of middleware, CIO editor Mr. Liu Jicheng time network and the North over the soft information and advice service centers such as the Deputy Director Mr. Cai Wenhai.

About The Open Group

The Open Group is a non-profit association based in the UK. The Open Group in 1993 should be the requirement, system architecture standards, published in 1995, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Architecture Framework. The Open Group as the framework for corporate (Enterprise Architecture) certified by international organizations, the development of the Enterprise Architecture Framework TOGAF has been widely used. TOGAF's Architecture Development Method (ADM), including the structure of vision, business architecture, data architecture, application architecture, technical architecture, opportunities and solutions, migration planning, implementation management, organizational change management and demand management, complete the steps and stages. Open Group website

CIO on the North Course

North CIO is a systematic and comprehensive training class high-end talent CIO Seminar. North CIO Course curriculum combines the Chinese culture not only in interaction with others that will allow CIO on how to change his mind, and enhance communication skills; and integrate with Western structures in management that will allow CIO on how the classification of any complexity hierarchical structure to find it, find a management approach. In addition to classroom learning, Beijing University CIO classes introduce trainees case, CIO Sharon, alumni events, online learning and internal forums and other means of communication. In particular, in early 2009, Beijing University students gathered CIO class sessions of the class to his alma mater, successful new classes of Peking University Alumni Association CIO election. The new Alumni Association of North CIO and vice president have also developed a rich and varied program of activities. North CIO Forum has become the class sessions within the network to share knowledge and exchange of trainees for an important platform for learning. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Professor Yang Xueshan starting from the first class, each class will come when the school held talks with the students, to become a major North CIO class learning and exchange of content. North CIO class team in expanding its power on behalf of a class.

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How-to 3GP Converter

How-to 3GP Converter is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines DVD to 3GP Converter and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

How-to 3GP Converter easy converts all popular video formats such as AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, RM, MPG, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability. The software is very easy to use. It compresses a full lengh movie into small size which can be fitted in a 128MB memory card. Carry your movie theater on the go! Watch movies anywhere, anytime - a new life style.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open DVD Converter

Open DVD Converter - A fast video to DVD VOB converter which can convert and burn AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV to DVD VOB VCD SVCD easily. With this DVD VCD SVCD converter, you will know how to make a DVD video. You can use it to convert and burn DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB files to DVD with chapter Menu. With that, you can convert downloaded videos and burn files into DVD, which means Internet become the storehouse of your home theater! Get Free download now!

Open DVD Converter - What a powerful and attractive AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV to VOB converter. This software can burn DivX to DVD and convert DivX to VOB and finish all your tasks with the fastest speed possible and the best quality available. No one will ask how to make a DVD video anymore once they try this great DivX to VOB converter. We highly recommend this program because we think it will make your multimedia life a lot easier and more enjoyable. It allows you to specify NTSC or PAL format, adjust 4:3 or 16:9 video aspect, and burn either DVD disc or ISO file. By setting bitrate and framerate, you can get excellent quality on TV screen. Just free download and enjoy it right now!

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