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How to short-term consultants into your team

When the company hired a consultant, regardless of whether the consultant is to temporary increases in short-term projects or because he is a technical expert, the company would expect to see the consultant can bring significant benefits. However, the increase of a consultant does not mean there is a guarantee for the success of the project. When you want the "temporary" consultants rapid integration into the team in time to how to do it? Here are five suggestions on this issue:

A clear definition of his role

If you are leading the development and design personnel, and accustomed to their own description of the project plan, then you should learn to share with your advisor to complete this work. Even if your leadership has not changed, you should explain this to your team of consultants responsible for what matters. You should consider the following these:

Who will be responsible for overall system design?
You want your consultant to take the responsibility, or just hope that the consultants for the design of your code?
Who prepared the test script?
Who will control the change management? This includes not only the specified encoding programming tasks; this should be to achieve clear terms of reference, requires that all people are aware of their role in the host.
Do not overlook these details above, even if you work in the past have used these consultants, we must re-evaluate these issues above. If you ignore those questions above, then the work in the future will produce a variety of problems to beset you.

Before the consultant started work to the fullest extent possible to conduct analytical work
You hire a consultant may have expertise in programming, but they may not be very clear in your application software and the specific situation of business operation. For this reason, effective the business logic should be taught to these short-term consultant to become a very important task, unless your company is willing to pay extra for these advisers to enable them to conduct a compensation study. The situation even worse, that they may be waiting for you to accomplish these tasks, the consultants at this time may not start working. I've worked for the computer "millennium problems" consultant, when our customers plan to complete the project decisions and assign tasks, I can only at this period of time doing nothing very much surprise. For the consultants, in this period of time can receive compensation, but not for the company's financial good thing.

Must complete this step as soon as possible, not only for the development of a useful whole, but also will improve the accuracy of project evaluation. When you have a business logic file, you will give companies and consultants are able to stay away from simplistic, caused trouble. For example, if your initial demand is to "make a sales commission report," then, the consultant may give you just hand over a report described the general situation. On the other hand, if you ask with more details of the content, for example, "relying on sales experience and commissions derived from the dynamic regional price differential to make sales commission report," then, the consultant provided to you the report will contain more details of the content, but also more accurate.

To believe your own findings
Even if you have a consultant to the development time estimate includes the proposal, your team still should own estimates to complete a report, and find the differences between the two. A number of factors can lead to unrealistic estimates of the low: the consultant may use the most optimistic assessment to determine the shortest completion time to please your company or the consultant will also underestimate the complexity of the business process.

As in the above steps, like that, you can file through the complete business logic to control the demand and the second factor. You seize the only opportunity for the most optimistic estimate is that complete your own assessment and put the team together to discuss results and to distinguish between two kinds of estimates of the differences. Even in the project development process to assess needs and make adjustments, people still tend to remember the first evaluation results, and use it to specify the final date.

Help advisers put the proposal into reality
In larger projects, consultants will often make a formal proposal through their summary. These documents include high-level project plan, implementation method, and various relevant standards. Once management decided to use it, must be retained in the project cycle and can be readily available in this document to rectify it. In your team that everyone should take it as an actual project plan file and can help you complete the company's business.

When all the people understand the ultimate purpose and plan, you will face is to avoid various errors on the negative impact on your project. If the proposal included the practical experience of project management, programming standards, Huozhe test 鏂规硶, the critical thing is to let the scheme's effectiveness, and to pay your company to make some return.

Documents throughout the project
Use of consultants, project or plan which always tends to the higher direction, and the specific process of these projects and budgets will be carefully checked often. In the course of project development to retain a accounts is a very sensible approach. This will only take you a matter of minutes, you work at the end of the day when you can use a few minutes to complete it. To record the work done, obstacles, solutions, changes, and other team issues.

If everyone on your team have made the role of orientation, and has identified specific needs, and also completed an accurate assessment. So the next step on a file to your success as a reference, but also can refer to future work as an example. These were reviewed in the future when you will be a considerable asset. From another point of view, if your team is not so lucky, and every face Murphy''s Law, then the document will become the future wealth of experience, of course, also allows you to CYA. (If you do not know what is CYA, a project management teacher once told me now to explain the version of the CYA: Cover Your Anatomical part.)

I hope my article can be a smooth completion of your project help. This five-point proposal is based on two common themes: first, the efforts are successful of extra guarantee, make full of the preparations for the project work can prevent unexpected problems to ensure the project's Shunliwancheng. Second, the successful use of consultants is like a two-way street; proper guidance to enable them to help you successfully complete the work.


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